HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven

hotlogic mini

For our busy and way over-scheduled lives, I just experienced using a cool gadget by HotLogic.  Their Personal Portable Oven will have your individual meal fully cooked or reheated absolutely anywhere you may be with an available outlet!  This would be great for camping or your office!  This was so cool to try; it’s basically an insulated pouch with their “hot shelf technology” that you plug-in and then add your sealed flat bottom container (Pyrex, plastic, glass, metal, foil, cardboard and even your favorite diet cuisine frozen meal)!  I found it so easy to use and the food heats evenly with no burning whatsoever.  The oven is super energy and cost efficient (if you use it at work you aren’t using hazardous microwaves and you are saving money by not ordering with the crew)!  The company offers a “HotLogic Mini Foodie” for $60.00 which includes the oven in four color choices (blue, orange, green and black) along with a 6 cup glass dish that is the perfect fit.  You can also choose to purchase the oven alone for $49.95.  Please check this out:

I am thinking camp-site, tailgate, office, and so much more for our busy lives!

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