Newest Products for Healthy Eating – Spring 2021

It’s spring time and I’m sure you’re putting on an extra pound or two from this quarantine fun. The quarantine certainly hasn’t been easy on any of us, so now is your time to do some spring cleaning on your body as well as the house. What can you eat (or cheat with) that’s healthy and fun to eat?  We listed some of our recent favorites below.

I couldn’t eat it all so I got the staff to jump on board and help out here and compiled all of their healthy eating choices.


Soul Shaxe

Okay Moms, 99% of the time when I am on the go I am basically eating cold pizza. First of all, my husband claims it’s disgusting to eat it cold but secondarily I realize that it sits in my second for hours.

I love that Soul Shaxe first of all is vegan.  It has nothing that will bother my stomach as it’s dairy free too.

But it does have 20g of protein and is basically a complete meal replacement that I can essentially throw right in my purse.











Snow Monkey

High Protein, non dairy and healthy as hell “ice cream”? Yes please. Okay, it’s not ice cream because it’s missing the second word in that equation but it’s definitely ice.

It’s only made from super foods and fruits so this stuff is actually healthy which makes it even better for you.

Plus it’s delicious. I just ate two of them which is probably a bit much!









GimMe Organic

GimMe Roasted Seaweed Snacks are actually an unbelievable snack for me as the doctor told me I should have more seaweed for the iron.  Now at first it sounded disgusting but these are now my straight go to snack.  Rip open a box of the seaweed and there you go.

Unfortunately, my two kids just got into it so now I have to fight the little buggers. I’ve tried explaining that mamma needs more iron but that brought up an entirely different conversation that I didn’t want to have.

That said, they’re a great to snack on the go.








Bitchin’ Sauce

I’m not sure how to accurately describe this because it’s really a thing upon itself.

It’s a sauce, yes we got that, but it’s made from almonds. You would never know it though as it just taste like this awesome dip.

They have a motto of “This Dip is Nuts” and that’s what it is.

Pure protein and pure awesomeness.









Transformation Protein

This is some high quality protein powder. I loved the entire package here.  The thermos is high quality, the protein powder is produced well and 30g of protein is quite the handful.

But in addition, that Super Greens is probably one of the better tasting greens I’ve had. Usually it tastes just like grass, but this stuff tasted pretty good.

Honestly I love that as a busy mom I can throw this in my thermos and just get on with my day. It’s a much better option of grabbing a drive through/fast food meal.








IsaLean is known for their entire suite of IsaGenix products. Here we are focusing on their bars which is a quick and easy meal replacement.  My favorites about this are that they are chocolate based but less than 1  gram of sugar. Nearly zero. I couldn’t even believe it when I tasted it.












Impact Snacks

There is so much to talk about with the taste and all here but I found the wrappers most interesting. They really went the extra mile to make wrappers which are bio degradable. It’s like they’re not only walking the walk, but making delicious healthy bars that also don’t’ kill the environment.













Kate’s Real Food

Kate’s Real Food is really made by Kate.  It’s all made with clean ingredients, sustainable practices, and tastes amazing.  These are a great snack instead of cookies by far!

I found that when I had a quick craving for a cookie that this was a great replacement option to fill that urge.












Living FuelLiving Fuel Supergreens

I’ve tried a few different shakes and this stuff is intense. It’s basically taking the best of the best plants and together makes a meal that has all the best nutrients that you can want in one shake.  90+ Vitamins and minerals is completely insane. That’s more than my multi-vitamin. But this shake didn’t taste so bad. I always worry that green will taste terrible, but this tasted pretty good.
















RSP Nutrition


Okay, this is a protein powder, but focus your eyes to the right. That AminoLean.  This mom is trying to lose a covid pound or two and I love the tasty mix of this weight management with energy.  I’ve basically used this every day in my water jug which makes my water taste great and helps me burn a few more calories throughout the day.  Sure, the protein mix is good, but I’m basically obsessing over this Amino Lean!











Have you ever wanted a cookie but realized that they’re just too much. I mean you want the taste of the cookie, but don’t want to feel like you’ve just pigged out on a meal. Thinsters are a good option, as the name suggests, they’re well… thin.

All the taste, but without the bloat.













Parm Crips

I’ve had crispy parmesan as a snack before, but this is an interesting take as it’s basically a combo of the happiness of cheese and trail mix and keto all combined.  Do you want a snack and cheese and yet remain healthy with the protein of Keto? This might be an option for you.











David's ToothpasteDavid’s Toothpaste

Okay, why did I file this under healthy eating. Well brushing my teeth is of course involved in my eating process, but more importantly, I learned something from this about being healthy.

Toothpaste generally speaking is terrible!  Chemicals, and sadness and misery! Here’s an option that is literally all natural. In fact, they put their money where their mouth is and have a special now for a bamboo toothbrush. How cool is that?
















The motto for Snaclklins, is “Eat the Whole Bag”, which is basically one of my top-10 gripes for eating healthy. You see the cover and it’s like 5 calories, then you look at the back and that’s for 1 serving which is 1/2 a chip.

These things taste awesome and really are like next to no calories. I think it might be a miracle from above.