4 New Hair MUSTS For You!

I think we should all spend some time working on our hair while it is still cold outside.  This way when the weather is nice we will be ready to do COVID friendly outdoor things (hopefully).  I have been checking out some cool hair items this week and couldn’t wait to share with you!

Bellefixe: my new obsession.  So this company is going to get you whatever hair accessory you desire.  They have dressy, work, school, sporty – you name it.  My teenager is LOVING their BelleSPORT line for her dance classes.  Scrunchies, headwraps, hair ties and more.  They are all super soft and very comfortable.  Side note – pricing is perfect as small sets can be yours for about $14.

COLAB Dry Shampoo: we are all super busy and sometimes do NOT have time for the whole “wash/dry/repeat” cycle.  I don’t enjoy most dry shampoos since they cause flaking.  This time around I am super happy.  No white residue at all and awesome oil absorption so your hair looks great all day!  This is a safe product for all hair types and colors.  Many different choices available but I am loving their Overnight Renew which refreshes your hair while you sleep!  How easy is that!  Also it smells pretty awesome.

Mirai Clinical: This company has amazing products for face/body/hair but in my house I am so happy to say we are dumping all the generic shampoos to use only this company’s Purifiying & Deodorizing Shampoo.  It smells delicious (persimmon extract) and is free from chemicals, sulfates and more.  All natural ingredients only.  You will LOVE it!

Vegamour: Is your hair on the thinner side? Perhaps you would love a chemical free/cruelty free/vegan option for thicker and healthier looking hair!  They offer such a great product line packed with Biotin and all the good stuff but I love their Hair Foam (sort of like mousse but you just put on wet out of the shower hair for instant body and texture) and their GRO Hair Serum (dropper full in the morning or night on towel dried hair to improve hair thinning or fallout).  Throw out all your hair ties because their Organic Bamboo Hair Tie Set is the best on earth.  My hair has zero friction with these which means no tangle no hair loss.  They are great for all day use and I will never “not” have these again.  These are quality products and I am definitely ordering more!

Check all these amazing companies out!