NFL Deluxe Youth Football Uniform Set

Trick Or Treat starts in t-minus 3 hours or so and we cannot wait to debut our little linebacker in his Deluxe Youth Football Uniform from Franklin Sports.  I cannot believe how authentic this costume is; so often we purchase our little one’s their costumes spend a fortune and they are usually such poor quality.  This football uniform is like wearing the real thing; so well made and can be re-used time and time again.  Simply pick out your favorite team (they are all there and available!) and you are on your way to having the costume all the kids are talking about.  The set comes complete with official jersey, authentic helmet with team logo, team pants and iron on numbers for the back of your jersey.  Sizing is available in small (4-6), and medium (7-9); we found the medium very true to size.  It is priced perfectly at $49.99; I feel the need to mention again that while it can act as a great costume for your next party; this uniform set can be worn anytime including each and every of your family football Sunday.  NFL Deluxe Youth Football Uniform Set is available by visiting  Our house is ready for today’s candy rush and for the football weeks yet to come!  Happy Halloween Y’all!

youth football uniform set

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