Nielsen-Massey and Its Many Uses

Nielsen-Massey products are premium quality products.   They are all-natural, allergen-free, non-GMO Project Verified, and certified kosher and gluten-free.  I tried a few of the products and I loved them.  The website has great recipe ideas for each one of their products and creative suggestions for the various uses of their products.  

I tried three of the products made by Nielsen-Massey and I really loved the fresh vanilla extract, especially in my hot chocolate.   Here is a brief description of what I tested.

1. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is great for using while baking or cooking.  I even added some to the hot chocolate I made.  It had a wonderful vanilla taste.  You can add it to your coffee or tea.   It smells wonderful.   It’s the highest quality vanilla cultivated in Madagascar.  

2.  The Rose Water is a great addition to Mediterranean or Middle Eastern desserts or dishes.  It has a sweet-scented floral scent from rose oil.  Rose water is actually great for your skin.  It gives you that glowing aura.  It reduces skin redness which is great if you have rosacea.   It’s actually in a lot of the facial products I use.

3. Orange Blossom Water is also known as the Essential Oil of Neroli.   Orange water is a great addition to Persian, Arabic, Indian or Turkish cuisine.   The orange oil gives it a sweet orange smell.  It’s also great to use in cocktails.   

Each 2 oz bottle can be purchased on Amazon for $9.95.