Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread

NocciolataMy daughter is super psyched for school lunch this week; we tried out the delicious organic hazelnut spread, Nocciolata and we are fans for life!  The Rigoni family of Asiago, Italy only uses all natural ingredients in their honey, jams and spreads and we can really taste the difference!  There are no chemicals, GMO’s, palm oils or artificial flavors; just dark chocolate from the Antillean Islands, Italian hazelnuts, brown sugar, skim milk and vanilla extract.  My daughter loves how rich and creamy it is; and she is one of the pickiest!  For her, I spread Nocciolata on her favorite wheat bread, but for myself I added a little atop my bran muffin for an extra morning treat.  You can also add to your favorite recipe or even use as icing on your next cake (my daughter has me doing this tonight).  Please check out their website for some sample recipes and to learn more about this fantastic product.  Make sure you fill out your information to be entered to win a jar for yourself as they give away every 100th jar!  I certainly feel good about my daughter getting the nutritional value of the hazelnut and the wonderful protein from a product with no “bad stuff”.  She goes off to school with a smile and I can proudly say I made a yummy and healthy choice for my child.

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