Sometimes a pesky cold can linger and linger; the heat outside doesn’t help and it can be very frustrating.  It’s good to know that we have GoGargle! effervescent salt gargle tablets to help provide us with some relief.  Simply drop one of the tablets into 1/2 cup of warm water and let dissolve until the fizzing ceases.  Swish the combination of honey, chamomile, mint, aloe and zinc, gargle into the back of your throat and spit out.  Repeat until the glass is empty and you will feel relief and reduced irritation.  This is so portable and easy you can use this at home, the office and on the go.  Why salt water? Well; having a sore throat means your tonsils are most likely swollen and studies show that gargling with salt water can clean away bacteria and reduce moisture reducing swelling and the growth of new bacteria.  It truly is an excellent combination of ingredients: chamomile and honey to soothe while the salt gets ready of the pesky sore throat!  Please visit gogargle.com for more information; skeptics can read their helpful FAQ’s as well as articles on salt water remedies that will have you purchasing GoGargle! ASAP.  You can also download a coupon right from the site and save $1.00 instantly!


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