Not Your Traditional Movie Theater – Rooftop Cinema


It’s summer. The weather is getting warmer and venues in San Diego are beginning to open up again after COVID. Some of us are still a bit hesitant about joining the masses at indoor venues. I am eager to get out and have some fun, but just not indoors with a bunch of other people. San Diego is beautiful and most of the time the weather is above average, so doing things outside was a way of life here even before COVID. Movie and dinner rooftop is a great idea!

When I was little, we used to go to drive-in movies. It was fun, but I remember always feeling a bit uncomfortable and I also remember that following the movie was hard because hearing it was not easy. My thought was that the rooftop movie would be like the drive-in, but better. Rooftop Cinema Club Embarcadero had so many fun iconic movies playing, and it was time for my buddy Taylor and me to have a night out.

Fun side note. Taylor and I met in a Lyft in Dec. 2019. I saw his picture on the driver’s phone before he came down to the car and thought to myself, “He’s, my people. We’re going to be friends.” We ended up at the same holiday party. My date and I hung out with him and his friends the whole night and the next day we all went for massages and lunch together. He has been one of my besties since. With that being said, we tend to have a lot of fun together. Thanks to the Corona it has been quite a while since we had a night of going “out” and we were excited.

Taylor showed up at my place looking sharp. He made me rethink my jeans and sweatshirt. So, I changed.  After changing into a cute striped jumper, black sweater, and wedge shoes, I felt that my attire was acceptable. The venue is not dressy. You can wear jeans and a sweatshirt! We just thought that dressing up shows the other person that you care, and we CARE!

The Rooftop Cinema Club is at the Hyatt Manchester. We got there a little early to check out the games and watch the sunset. What a view!!! I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. I have been to a few places around the world, and I love to travel, and San Diego is the best place!

We did not partake in the games, but I will be heading to Rooftop Cinema again this summer and the plan is to arrive early enough for some Giant Jenga, ping pong… We got some cocktails and snacks and headed to our super comfy deck chair where we found our personal headphones waiting. They offer Lounge seats for one or love seats for two. Note to self and you too, those love seats are perfect for snuggling on dates. Also, check the weather and bring a blanket if needed. San Diego evenings can get a bit chilly. Even in the summer months. We needed those blankets.

Both Taylor and I have seen Bridesmaids before and loved it. But at the end of the movie, we both mentioned that we enjoyed it more this time. I think that had something to do with the atmosphere, comfort, and those headphones! It felt like I was in the movie.

Take note: availability can be limited more often than not because people have discovered how awesome this venue is and it sells out quickly! As I am checking the schedule to plan my next Rooftop Cinema night, I am noticing that lots of nights are already sold out! People are on to it and if you want to experience it, you must get tickets a week or two in advance.

Such a nice way to ease back into real life! Can’t wait to go again.