Nunzi’s of Farmingdale, New York – Review

Nunzi’s is an Italian restaurant located in Farmingdale, Long Island. It has a sleek black interior, but don’t let that fool you as it is very cozy.  The bar is gorgeous, and Nunzi’s has amazing signature cocktails like a Sicilian Sour and pineapple daiquiri.

image of outside of Nunzis of Farmingdale, NY at night

There are many original concepts on the menu, like an Italian eggroll comprised of the classic combo of sausage and broccoli rabe. The egg roll was a perfect combination of heat and sweet in the Italian sausage. The eggplant parmigiana was excellent. There was no bitterness to the eggplant, and it was very crisp.

My family shared an artichoke and spinach pizza, another original concept. If you like spinach and artichoke, you must try this pizza. The shrimp risotto was super creamy. The rigatoni was perfectly cooked with some heat to balance the vodka sauce. This had to be one of the best rigatoni dishes I’ve had.  Between how well the pasta itself was cooked and the sauce, both came together to really make this dish.

nunzis 2

But overall, what made this restaurant unique was that it was a New York City quality restaurant in the middle of Long Island.  Some patrons who came literally took the train from New York City. If you’re a local, you know, that almost never happens.

The entire decor, feel, and service really made this a different-quality restaurant.  Even standing outside, it just felt like this amazing anomaly of a restaurant that was a few steps above in terms of quality.

In fact, while we were eating there, there was literally a celebrity couple eating at the other table. This is something you usually expect to happen in the Hamptons or downtown Manhattan but not the middle of Long Island. It’s no surprise that the online ratings for the restaurant are so high.

It was all of these factors, the service, the high-quality food, as well as the entire ambiance that really make Nunzi’s of Farmingdale, NY a unique dining experience.