NurseMeMama for Nursing Moms and Babies

Breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding experience for mom and baby, that also can be painful, messy, frustrating, and exhausting.  It’s an ongoing labor of love, and NurseMeMama products are created to help make it more enjoyable and easier for both mom and baby.  Created by a nursing mom herself, NurseMeMama Visy Bras are designed for comfort while nursing, pumping, or going about your day.  The NurseMeMama Busy Tabs are for occupying baby’s little hands while nursing, helping baby keep a better latch.

Nursing bras range in support and comfort levels, and finding one that is good enough to last for all day use that is supportive enough to limit back pain is not easy.  I was impressed with the quality of not only the fabric, but of the fit as well when I first tried the NurseMeMama Visy Bra.  The fabric was very soft, and the seams were smooth and didn’t create discomfort.  The Visy Bra design made it easy to fold over to open and nurse without the need to completely readjust the breast.  I was impressed with the idea to have black and white designs on the bra since babies initially only can see black and white!  The Visy Bra was supportive and I did not feel squished or that I was sagging while working, cleaning, and caring for two active kids throughout the day.

The NurseMeMama Busy Tabs are an ingenious product!  My youngest is 4 months old and has entered the “grabby” phase which sometimes means some inadvertent pinches or hair pulls that can be painful while nursing her.  The Busy Tabs are so simple- little loops of super soft and colorful ribbon that can clip on to your shirt or bra.  The playful designs are meant to attract little eyes and baby can fidget with the busy tabs while nursing, helping keep them in position and happy the entire time.  My daughter loved having something to play with, and it worked, she did latch better and pulled away to look at distractions (namely her older sister) less.  It was easy to re-adjust them to the best place for her little fingers to reach, and the smooth fabric was soothing to her tactile senses while she nursed.  They are easy to toss into a diaper bag and unobtrusive enough to keep clipped on all day to be ready for feeding times.

NurseMeMama’s website, , has their full range of options for purchasing.  You can order a two pack of the Visy Bras (one black, one white), a package of Busy Tabs (6 total, 2 each of 3 designs), or get a gift bundle which comes in your choice of design gift bag.  Get yours or one for the nursing mama in your life today!