Back To School Must Haves!

There is nothing quite like a new backpack/messenger bag/lunch bag for back to school.  I always see it as a fresh start – all the “dirt” and rips/tears from the previous year are over and you can start “anew”.  Here are a few great items we are loving to get you moving in the right direction.

Igloo Retro Collection – fresh from the time machine and back in the 90’s this line is simply AMAZING!  This line is a great combo of neon yellow, magenta and teal and you will find yourself looking for your light up phone and a slap bracelet in no time.  I have the square lunch tote which is perfect for packing up whatever the day brings.  Side note since it technically is still warm enough out for the beach it also holds 9 12 oz cans.  Great outer pocket for accessories.  Perfect quality and perfect price at just under $20.00

Stupid Car Tray – I know.. sounds like just for the car but this totally isn’t!  This can keep your tablet/work space level in the car, on the couch (slide the legs into the couch cushion) and really just wherever you need to get your important work done.  Talk about great timing for this to come into our home with all this virtual learning.  This is really easy to install using non slip rubber feet and optional straps.  I can’t believe this is sturdy enough to handle your tablet/device, lunch/beverage etc and then easy enough to stow away in seconds.  These cost about $30.00 and come in so many great color options!




Maccase Universal Messenger Bag – before I get into the specific bag I am adoring, I want to mention that this company has pretty much every kind of device protection you need.  Bags, tablet covers, these are smart protection options and really attractive/stylish.  I have their universal messenger bag ($60.00).  This bag is nylon and covers laptop and tablet storage in a really durable and comfortable bag.  This will hold up to a 16 inch laptop.  Plenty of pockets for anything you need to store as you navigate through your day.  The bag is fully padded to make sure nothing happens to your “precious and expensive cargo” and the outside so perfect that you do not have to worry about rain, snow etc.  I honestly cannot believe how much it can hold, how light weight it is despite that fact and how the strap along my body all day doesn’t bother me at all.  Check them out for your back to school needs! Great options, bags/backpacks/cases and more!