I have this NutriBullet thing that I never use…..

Who is with me?!  You get on a kick where you decide you ate too much the previous weekend so you jump Sunday night to buy some weight loss shake plan and join a gym online.  I mean it is soooo true.  Meanwhile, I have to remember to cancel one of my “memberships” that I never use.  Sorry…I really like wine and cheese.

But I really do have to be careful so since I have this “bullet thing” that is legit collecting dust, I decided to try out this great book by Marilyn Haugen (cookbook writer) and Doug Cook (registered dietitian) called 175 Best Superfood Blender Recipes.  For starters, this is a great concept because you can pack in fruits and veggies you would never eat on a plate into a drink you can down on the car ride to work.  These are slowly but surely becoming my new “fast food” plan.  I decided to try a few out these past few days (I repeat there are 175 so don’t take my word for it…so many to choose from that everyone will be happy).

Definitely don’t forget to read about the powers of the fruits and veggies in the way beginning so you know you would want to concentrate on.  Since it is hot out I tried their “Cooling Avocado, Cucumber and Grapefruit Smoothie”.   Super powerful for the body and super yummy to be honest.  I also want to mention that this book also has great dips, marinades, soups and sauces.  I will for sure be bringing their “Creamy Kale and Feta Dip” to my next gathering.  This is kale, feta, spices and greek yogurt and simply perfect with a pita chip.  So yummy and super easy!  Healthy shakes and desserts as well.  The new goal here is to try something new each week for myself and the family!  Love this book!

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