I feel it is totally fine for a lady to enjoy bourbon…

The hubby enjoys sipping bourbon; he has his particular brand of choice and has for years.  I keep seeing women out now sipping whiskey and I admit I was intrigued.  I decided it was time for me to try it as well and pretty much right at the same time a bottle of Rebel Yell fell into my lap.  Now because I am a writer I wanted to find out about the bottle before I opened it and by the time I finished reading about it I was so excited for the taste test!  The bottle was 90 proof (some flavor options are 80 proof) and I have to say it was the perfect mix of smooth and spice.  It definitely had a woody taste and I swear I detected hints of chocolate.  This made me also have a few squares of dark chocolate… But back to the whiskey.  I went with a traditional “rebel and ice” but there were other really enticing recipes I will have to try out next like the Rebel Mule which has fruit puree and would be so refreshing in this heat!  The original recipe dates back to 1846 and the company has such a cool history.  You guys have to try it out for yourself.  And yes… a lady can certainly sip whiskey.  Now to hide the bottle from the husband…..

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