Offspring Brand Diapers and Wipes to Pamper Your Offspring

Becoming a parent is no easy task, and especially in today’s world, there are a lot of things to worry about.  Taking care of your bundle of joy’s diapering needs should not be one of them.  Offspring brand diapers and wipes comes to us from the land down under, and is now available in the US. The all-natural brand provides parents with the knowledge that their babies are covered by only the best.

Offspring diapers are the softest I have ever felt, and you don’t give up any absorbancy for the comfort.  They are free from dyes, fragrance, lotions, and chlorine to ensure that baby’s bottom is pampered with full coverage.  The diaper has a super absorbent core that is uniquely filled with fluff pulp from sustainable wood sources.  I liked the polymer spandex elastic waistband, providing a snug fit.  The diapers held up against my daughter’s explosive poops and I didn’t have worries about any blowouts thanks to the leak prevention cuffs on the side.

Offspring’s plant based wipes are a perfect match with the diapers.  They are also very soft, and I appreciated the textured wipes that allowed me to get a clean wipe every time, using less wipes in the end.  The wipes are biodegradable and made with 99% water and organic ingredients.  They were perfect for not only wiping baby’s bottom, but for face and hands as well.  Offspring wipes are hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol free, and were very strong.  They made sure I felt confident that my baby was clean and fresh every time I used them.  To learn more about Offsrping products for your baby and find out where to purchase them, visit


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