Red Vine Licorice

Who is sitting home with nothing to do and just non-stop snacking? I know I am; just another hazard of being stuck in the house.  I have been fighting off the family members from my new fun stock of yummy licorice items from Red Vine.

This is not just your usual red rope candy – these products are the original real deal and worth each and every bite.  The recipe has been the same for 5 generations now; you know what: if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it.  By the way, all these candies are kosher friendly and fat free!  I have been adoring my original red and also the black licorice.  They also offer sugar free options and if you wanted the best of both worlds they have a mixed bag as well!  People: this is under 150 calories for about 4 ropes!  Perfection!

Now I want to tell you about their “Made Simple” line.  This is 100 calories per serving and made with REAL SUGAR and only natural flavors.  If you have been going heavy on the ice cream and feel a little guilty then this may be your best option!    I tried these today and honestly its hard to even tell the difference.  I think this company just offers top quality candy and you will love whichever you scoop up! While you are on their website make sure you take note of their great recipe suggestions for some new and inventive ideas!

Check them out and grab them up for your next family movie night.  I mean, isn’t every night family movie night these days!?!

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