Essential Oils are all the rage and I admit I’ve joined the bandwagon in the search to use a “less pharmaceutical more natural” approach.  I can’t believe how well the few changes I’ve made already are working.  In addition, it is allergy season and as usual my kiddies are suffering big time.  I love my job so much!  I got to try out oilogic products on my family; such a better feeling than the over the counter allergy medications that just seem to make my kids drowsy and cranky.

First up we are loving itchy eyes and sneezing which is a totally safe blend of lavender oil, lemon oil, geranium oil, Ylang Ylang oil, basil oil and peppermint oil safe for 24+ months.  This roller ball is applied to the neck, chest and bottom of feet.  I am doing the remedy on my son at night and it truly is making a difference.  For ailments a little more serious I recommend stuffy nose and cough.  This is a blend of lavandin oil, orange oil, fir needle, eucalyptus oil and cypress oil.  This one is applied easily to the back of the neck, the chest and the bottom of feet.  This one is safe for 6+ months.  I even breathed this one in with my kids and boy this blend helps relieve the congestion.  Ear and tummy troubles is a great roll on combination of chamomile oil, lavender oil, grapefruit oil, geranium oil and lemon oil.  For ear pain, roll it on the outside of ear/behind ear down towards the neck.  For tummy troubles, roll a generous amount on the stomach.  Also can be used on muscle pain (same way).  This one is also safe for 6+ months.

Thankfully a company has come out with great oil options safe for babies/toddlers/kids!  These are about $10 each and completely mandatory in your medicine cabinet.

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