Mother’s Day is almost here, and I just found the coolest thing! It’s both simple and beautiful. SONNENGLAS, or SONNENGLAS/SOLAR JAR is just that. A simple Mason Jar, with solar powered LEDs in the lid that create a beautiful glow at night. It’s brighter than a candle, but not as glaring as some LEDs, and casts rippled shadows through the thick glass walls of the jar.

It’s cheesy, I know, but when I saw this, I thought what better gift for my mom than a solar light. Although she can’t stand the musical reference, she does “light up my life.” It also reminds me of songs she used to sing to me when I was little, like “You Are My Sunshine!” In fact, the SONNENGLAS/SOLAR JAR catch phrase is “Sunshine in a bottle.” Who wouldn’t want a little of that?

There’s a couple of benefits to the solar light being in the lid of a Mason Jar. First, if anything happens to the jar, the lid should fit any wide mouth canning jar. The second and more decorative benefit is that you can put stuff in the jar to personalize it or make it part of your holiday decorations. Some suggestions I’ve seen are sea shells, flowers, and even water (though I wouldn’t fill it all the way up). I thought of putting in some candy, or those little wax hearts, maybe even some of the mini Christmas tree ornaments.

Versatility is always a plus. SONNENGLAS/SOLAR JARS can be used both indoors and out. Use it as a night light or mood lighting for a quiet evening in. Let it light your walkway, your garden, or your patio table. You could even buy several and string them together to use as porch or backyard lights. Another idea is that they’d make great camping lanterns.

By the way, SONNENGLAS/SOLAR JAR is made from recycled glass, and the company has both created jobs for unskilled workers in South Africa and supplied the areas without access to electricity with these sustainable lights! For more information, check out their website at You can also look them up on

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