Ola Hawaiian Body Products

Beach time is upon us and its super great timing for my family to try out the wonderful products from Ola Hawaiian Body Products.  The story is these are all natural and organic products with scents straight from Hilo, Hawaii.  These are all locally made and what you see on the label is what you get.  Literally.  The company offers bath and body products and various gift sets other than the “sun recovery” products I am sampling.  First off, the After Sun Healing Remedy smells so fresh and clean.  Its chock full of the good stuff: aloe, ginger root, vitamin E and so many other all natural botanicals.  I just adore how good this lotion really is for your skin.  Basically you apply this after sun exposure and then you can repeat until your sun symptoms disappear.  Also available (and I am thrilled to have on hand for an emergency) is After Sun Healing BathThis packet of wonder contains 20 all natural ingredients/extracts  that you empty into a warm bath and soak in for around 20 minutes.  Such amazing relief for your sun exposed or damaged skin.  Honestly, from what I see, you will be in good hands no matter which of their products you try.  Please give them a try: http://hawaiianbodyproducts.com/.




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