OnTheMuv’s Under Desk MiniTread Treadmill

MiniTreadI love the idea of an under desk treadmill as it accomplishes two main goals.

First, it’s super efficient in terms of space. Look at the size of the MiniTread in the picture. This easily fits under your desk and is a powerful unit.

Secondly, we are trapped in the house!  Isn’t it better to burn off some calories when you’re sitting your butt!

This unit is really built well.  You can’t stand on it and you have to sit, but honestly it’s only your teen daughter who would think you could actually stand on it. You’d fly off, so don’t listen to her. This is a strong unit though that is really built to last.   It’s heavy and thick and not some simply treadmill.

In  terms of usage, I love that it has the handheld gauge that can be used to scale the speed up and down.

Functionally, the device is really just simply brilliant.  I’m all about what’s simple and does it’s job.

It’s a treadmill, the MiniTread is mini and a tread and well, what more can you say. And that’s kind of the point.  It’s not overthought, it’s well designed and it’s the kind of device you will actually use.

I feel like gadgets like this can be at times a real waste and you’re just going to stick in the closet. With the MiniTread, I think the brilliance is that, we’re all sitting at desks. We are all remote.  Life is insane and I feel like we need to do what we can to keep healthy. What’s great about this is you know it’s going to work, it’s built strong and it doesn’t get in the way.

I highly recommend it, so check it out on Amazon.