Green Envee Oils

The world is getting scarier by the minute.  I use a lot of Essential Oils these days; I diffuse them for so many reason.  It could be stress, self-care, insomnia, just want to get into a seasonal/holiday spirit – the list goes on and on.  Right now I think my new favorite oil blends are coming from Green Envee.  This Company is amazing, plant active, non-toxic, all natural goodness that literally provides you with a list of items that will NEVER be used in their products as they are linked to cancer, organ toxicity, and skin irritations.

So many great items to choose from in the areas of skincare, body care and aromatherapy but I want to specifically tell you today about these oils I am loving that are helping to ward off the bad stuff.  Immunity Boost Antibacterial Pure Essential Oil Blend ($30) is a great combination of only the good stuff that will support your body’s natural immune system and promote wellness as we travel through this awful pandemic.  Balance Purifying Pure Essential Oil Blend ($24) is amazing lemongrass goodness that can be used as a great antidepressant, increase your energy and keep the bugs at bay.  So many other great options also!  I typically use them in a diffuser but these are great in the bath/shower as well!

Check them out and kick start your holiday shopping!