One of my favorite baby products to use and give as a gift to expecting moms is the “Booger Picker” OogiebearThis product is versatile and can be used in the nose or earsCleaning a baby’s nose can be difficult but this product was carefully designed to make the process easierThe tiny teddy bears make it friendly for kids and for safety the Oogiebear was made so it cannot be inserted too deeply into the ears or noseBoth ends of the Oogiebear have a distinct size loop which makes it easy to gently remove any unwanted debris from a little one’s nose or ear. What I like best about this set is that it comes with a protective storage case to keep the Oogiebear in and it is extremely easy to clean compared to the more traditional bulb aspiratorsAnother positive thing about this product is that it is latex-free, pvc-free, and bpa-free. When giving this product as a gift I sometimes receive a funny look from the mom-to-be but without fail, once they use it, they realize that it is a baby product that is absolutely essential.  Needless to say, this product is a favorite of mine.