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image of Essential Elements Electrolyte Mix for Hydration with ACV

I am trying really hard to get a little more healthy these days and with that, I am completely loading myself with vitamins and extras throughout the day.  I am also drinking a TON of water with citrus.  These to me are the key to your body’s success.  I was so happy to give a few of the great products from Essential Elements a try and I am happy to share them with you!  There are no gimmicks or chemicals here.  Nothing you cannot pronounce.  You will be as happy as I am!

Hydration With ACV Variety Pack

These are perfect little single-serve stick packs that replenish electrolytes and give you antioxidant and immune support.  This is a great way for you to get apple cider vinegar, sodium, chloride, potassium, and vitamin C!  It takes the “bore” out of drinking plain water.  I love the variety pack in that you get to try out their awesome flavors (blue raspberry lemonade, watermelon-cucumber, and yuzu-lime).  I cannot get enough of these awesome and unique flavor combinations!  Game changer for before or after a workout!

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

You simply MUST have these.  I went from drinking a shot of ACV each day, to taking capsules that always make me feel like something is stuck in my throat, to these incredible gummies.  They have a yummy red apple flavor and just like that I have my desired intake and my body is moving towards reducing overeating and helping this momma lose some weight.

PreWorkout With Beet & ACV

My husband is adoring this product.  This is just the fuel you need to get your workout as efficient as possible.  This is beetroot for energy flow, caffeine blend (matcha, coffee bean, yerba mate) for energy, ACV for everything, and more!  Oh, and it is natural caffeine; he said he isn’t jittery at all!  One scoop in water and you are on your way.  Couldn’t be easier!

Give the great products at Essential Elements a try today!