Ooly Glitter Pads and Confetti Stamp – Colorful and fun Art and School Supplies

Need ideas for the Easter basket this year or birthday party fun supplies ?

Ooly products are so much fun!  If you have a  child that loves coloring (and which child doesn’t)  you have to check out the products that Ooly offers.   It’s arts and crafts taken to a whole other level.

We had only crayons and markers to choose from when we were young.

The Ooly products are fun looking, glittery and colorful.  There are so many products to choose from including gel pens, markers, stamper markers with cute shapes, sparkly markets, coloring books, temporary tattoos, craft supplies  and all the colors you can imagine.

If you have a little artist that loves to be creative they will love getting these products as a gift.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to imagination.  Ooly provides the tools for your child to express their inner artist.  The products are fun for older kids and even adults.    Use the colorful supplies to enhance or decorate a dull looking planner.   Keep your notes color coded with the highlighters.

I tried out the glitter notebooks and the confetti stamp double ended markers.  The marker was a fine tip market on one side and multi shaped stamp on the other.   Designing cards for birthdays was a lot of fun.

The Ooly glitter notebooks have lined paper and come with 3 metallic ink markers with dual tip – one rounded and one pointed.  They are fun to use and great for prizes for a contest or a birthday party giveaway.