Review: Munchkin UV Diaper Pail

My husband absolutely hates diaper changes. It all comes down to: “But that pail smells so baaaaaad!” Okay, I have a solution: the Munchkin UV diaper pail!

The Munchkin UV diaper pail uses LED UV lights to automatically kill up to 99 percent of the germs. This makes the experience of changing a diaper not that bad at all. Every time the lid is closed, the odor-causing bacteria are just killed. And that without any chemicals or detergents! So no odors, and that without any additional work for a busy mom!

To top it all off, every time you close the lid, the bag is turned a bit, self-sealing the bag with icky diapers. This has already provided hours of fun for my toddler. While hanging around the baby room, he opens up the pail just to see it turn again. And I don’t mind, since it doesn’t smell. Another detail that amused said toddler and made me happy: while the pail is sterilizing, the Munchkin-heart on top glows up!

Now, as with any other fancy diaper pail, you do need to buy the refills. But, the good news is that this pail is compatible with all Munchkin-branded refills, whichever line they come from!

The Munchkin UV Diaper Pail came fully assembled. I just needed to put in the bags and we were ready to go!

A nice little detail,  for every UV Diaper Pail sold, Munchkin will plant a tree! So you can feel good while buying it too 🙂

I have to honestly say that I already loved Munchkin from my experience with my first baby. They have some great products. My personal favorite is their Miracle Trainer Cup.  We have about 8 of them all around the house and car! I feel that Munchkin just offers that little bit extra. Their stuff looks nice and feels great. I always feel like I have a high-end product in my hands, but for a reasonable price.

We are both excited about the Munchkin UV Diaper Pail, and I am happy that hubby does not mind changing a diaper anymore!