oOYes Cannabinoid Infused Sex Products


oOYes makes these pretty awesome lubes and other sex products using CBD, CBG, and other ingredients like their BeeFused Honey.

Here are a few of the key items you must add to your intimate collection:

Start Me Up Lickable Glide ($23.99):  Here you get 50 mg CBG, BeeFused Honey, and Terpenes.  Sweet orange blossom flavor you will love using.  Very cool product.

Unplugged ($10): This is a premium silicone lubricant.  The perfect travel size to bring with you wherever your fun night takes you.  It is silky, soft, and smooth – not greasy.

Going Down Oral Sex Elixir ($23.99): Here you have 57 mg CBD + 50 mg CBG, BeeFused Honey, and Terpenes.  This is a cool combination of sunflower oil,  honey, and orange blossoms with the kick of the CBD and CBG combination.

Groovy Grease ($40): to me their coolest product of all.  This is 500 mg CBD, 500 mg CBG, BeeFused Honey, wax, and terpenes.  It is a massage oil candle to get your “fires burning.”   I challenge you to not totally love playing with this warm, amazing wax.

Other great sex products in their line as well.  They also offer oOboxes that combine some of their best products.  Also noteworthy were their Wet (dry mouth lozenges).  These blend herbs and spices and get your saliva flowing.  Very nice to be honest.

Check them out!

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