Rockit – help your baby sleep peacefully

I have one of those babies that love being rocked to sleep. When I am out and about with the stroller, I constantly rock it gently so she stays calm. If I even dare take my hand away from the stroller for a second (to take a sip of coffee), she wakes up and screams bloody murder. Then we got this awesome gift—the Rockit Baby Rocker!

image of Rockit

You attach the Rockit Baby Rocker to the stroller, and it gently rocks the stroller just like a real human would.  Our baby cannot tell the difference and is quickly soothed to sleep. It does not make a sound at all. As it is completely quiet it does not disturb the baby.

The Rockit Baby Rocker is showerproof, so no worries when you are taking a walk outside and it starts raining. Because of its adjustable strap, it will fit absolutely any stroller. After 30 minutes, it turns off automatically, so no danger of forgetting it on the stroller and finding it again with empty batteries! By the way, it has over 60 hours of battery life!

We absolutely adore the Rockit Baby Rocker! It has been a blessing and has saved us hours of being glued to the stroller. Three dads in the UK developed this great gadget and it has won many awards already!

Since a video more easily shows you the gentle movements of the Rockit Baby Rocker, I gladly share the instructional video:

You can find a distributor of the Rockit Baby Rocker for your region on this website. Or you can get the Rockit Rocker on Amazon for $ 59.95.