Orchyd Helps Keep Your Cycle In Check

Listen Ladies – we are pretty organized but sometimes we are rushing and just aren’t prepared for our “time of the month”.  Almost 90% of “menstruators” find themselves not prepared in public.  I know it personally happens to me more than I would like to admit.

Orchyd will help you stop this embarrassment in it’s tracks.  This is a Bluetooth enabled smart case and app that will help keep you a step ahead of your cycle.  The cute case (black or squash) holds a day’s worth of supplies.  The coordinating and easy to download app helps track your period, fertility and associated health items.  You are tracking your flow, PMS, ovulation not to mention being able to be ahead of the game on ordering your monthly friend items of need.  You are in control; you decide what the app tracks and what your personal needs may be.  You can actually remind yourself to refill the case so you are certain to always be prepared.  Keep in mind the case is cute; you can actually make the strap function so you have yourself a cute crossbody, clutch or wallet – whatever your style may be.  Free gifts include a trial service (two consultations) with an OB/GYN on 24/7 demand and a cute canvas tote.

The cost is about $80; that seems pretty reasonable to keep you all set for whatever these lady parts of ours bring us!