Kid approved tech gadget’s

Gearing up for school: check out these really cool need to have items for the school year.
What a cool way to get children to look at a camera on the phone, computer, Ipad. These cool stickers help kids track where they need to look. We all know eye contact is key when having a conversation with someone.
They come in a multiple sizes depending on which device you have and how old the child is.
My daughter who is two uses the large one, its easy to find and something fun to look at. Now when facetiming or playing educational games, she can easily find where to look. Now people chatting with her can actually see her and not the ceiling when she is holding the phone.
They are super cute and in this pandemic, I have to say they will come in handy.  Who knows if we are remote but I do know for sure these will come in handy.
How adorable are these tablet cushions what a great way to prop up the device and have everything handy that you may need.
Not only are these cushions adorable but they come with headphones are match. The headphones are great for young kids. They are comfortable and adjustable. They are also volume controlled.
Planet bussies has a wide array of products from, tablet cushions, headphones, speakers, car seat covers for traveling.
If not for the new school year, think holidays. Planet buddies are the way to go. They each represent and endangered and or threatened species.