Ordering Beef Online from Certified Angus Beef

Certified Angus Beef

Throughout the times of Covid I’ve been ordering my food online.  I don’t need to go to the store and risk the insanity so ordering online is perfect.  If you’re interested in ordering beef, I found this to be a ridiculously good option.

It’s a simple and headache free solution to order meat online.  It comes with free shipping, vacuum sealed and a block of dry ice. It’s so cold you really don’t have to worry about freshness at all.  

They process it super quick and it gets to you in only a few days. 

Do you want steak for dinner on Friday night? Not a problem. This will be cheaper, faster and better quality than anything you’re getting on a local delivery.

This quality is unbelievable. It’s a higher quality than USDA Prime and comes perfectly wrapped.

If you noticed, I started this entire story on the quality and the shipping but  when it comes to ordering food, quality and safety is the most important to me.  This is the restaurant quality coming straight to your home. 

Yes, we cooked it and yes it was amazing.  But who will believe me on that.  What’s amazing to me is the whole experience. I can order restaurant quality meat, straight to my home with the highest quality. No stress, no issues, just high quality and better than if I called the local restaurant.

 Check them out here to order!


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