“What If” And Funny Party Games

Lately I’ve been posting options for the kids so I felt like lets do a game post for us adults.  Kheper Games is ensuring that we can plan a great “adults only” party that will be a success!  This website carries amazing options in games, barware, romance, items for the bride-to-be and more.  Here are a few great options for your next small and distanced gathering or someone on your holiday list.

Extreme Personal Questions:  This game will have you knowing all about your friends; so much it could get scary!  You take turns answering questions and the group votes for their favorite answer.  The winner collects the card and the winner is the first player to get 5 total cards!  You will be learning a lot about your buddies and laughing the entire time! (Available for about $15 on Amazon)

More Extreme Personal Questions: Same concept as above, more questions so the fun never ends!  (Available on Walmart for $15)

What If?:  Now this one I really loved.  This came is full permission to shout out the most ridiculous answers you can think of to quite interesting scenarios!  One player will read a card like “what if the checker at your grocery store compliments you on your nice cleavage”.  Be creative because you get points for the best answer the group votes for!

What The Fck Eggplant to Taco Game: ok now this one was insane fun.  If you are a great texter and have a vast knowledge of emojis; this game is FOR YOU!  You have to have a creative and dirty mind and you have to act quick!  You earn points based upon the naughty emojis you string together to make a text message.  The dirtier the better!  So much fun! (Available on Amazon for just under $9) This is a great add-on gift or even stocking stuffer!