Ordering Christmas Trees Online

king of christmas

As the name suggests, the King of Christmas sells Christmas trees and more. And why would you ever buy a Christmas tree online? Because buying Christmas trees online is unbelievably easy.

Why Buy a Christmas Tree Online?

First of all, buying a Christmas tree online can definitely save money when you think that you’re not buying a fresh tree every year. Cost-wise, with free shipping, it can be quite a bit cheaper than what you might find at a local store.   And certainly much cheaper than buying multiple live trees.

Environmentally, it goes without saying that not cutting down a tree every year is a good thing. You take this tree, throw it in your attic, and then you’re not cutting down a fresh tree for the next few decades. The live trees are quite happy about this.

But what really sold me here was how ridiculously easy this was. First of all, ordering online was just usually much easier as I’ve learned through the time of Covid. I love ordering anything and ordering a full-size tree is no exception.  If you told me I could easily order a tree online and just save the headache, I’m sold right there.

The Goods

The full-sized tree you see here comes in two boxes and it includes everything you could possibly want to set up the tree. It has the tree stand itself and even gloves. Yes, gloves to put together the tree.  The gloves were a cute nice touch because I do have fond memories of my brother-in-law getting impaled by the pine needles of a fresh tree a few years back.  But even the quality of the tree itself looks so real and lifelike.

The tree stand was also a nice addition as I wasn’t entirely sure I had the correct tree stand for this situation, let alone it just made it so much easier to not have to worry about a tree stand. In addition, everything came in individual bags and the instructions were exceptionally clear. Each set of branches came in its own bag. It even had a specialty bag to hold the tree.

The lights are both white and multicolored and the remote lets you switch between the two. I gotta say that this was the brightest tree I’ve seen. At its max illumination, it can totally light up the room.

The Setup

Even the tree itself was a lot easier to set up. The internal mechanism for the lights was within the pole itself so that once one section fell into the other, the lights were automatically connected. I cannot tell you how many hours I lost last year just attempting to arrange all the lights together. Putting up Christmas lights around the tree alone is a living hell but I had this tree fully lit and operational in five minutes.

The Savings

Sometimes in making financial decisions I like to compute the cost of not only the savings of money but the saving of time and this was probably the easiest I’ve ever set up a tree in my life. That is not hyperbole because it literally took me under five minutes to set up. Everything slid together and it was just ridiculously easy getting this tree lit in the living room.

This is an option I would strongly recommend to make things easier for Christmas.