Organic Slammers

How about a terrific superfood snack that is both delicious and easy to pack in our work/school tote?!  As a mom I am always on the hunt for Organic snacks that contain vitamins and minerals instead of sugar and saturated fats.  We are totally loving Slammers Crushed Superfood Snacks.  They are perfect for this scary world we are currently living in is that they contain Wellmune which is a natural beta glucan made from baker’s yeast that boosts our immune system.  They are also gluten, nut and dairy free making them a perfect in school snack choice.

Of course I tried them out with the kids and agreed totally they are a yummy home run!  Flavor choices include “Awesome” (strawberry acai), “Crush” (pomegranate & grape), “Burst” (watermelon kiwi), “Chill’N” (banana & blueberry) and “Epic” (mango & orange).  You can very easily grab them on Amazon and since that couldn’t be easier you have no excuse to fill your families bellies with only the best options out there.  Side note “Chill’N” is so delicious I find myself now hiding them in the back of my pantry so I can enjoy one when the kids go to bed!

Like I said before, think backpack, lunch tote, work tote.  Think really great after school snack to boost your body after the icky exposures we have all day long in this masked world we live in.

Give them a try ASAP!