Spring Cleaning with Citrus

Let me be clear that I am easily influenced by a beautiful press pack and this is a gorgeous press pack. That said, my love of Lemi Shine is true. All of their products are citrus-based, which I prefer over cleaners with chemicals that I cannot understand the names of. In addition, I’m trying to move my house away from those harsh chemicals, so I was excited to try this product.

Lemi Shine is a Texas-based company that uses citric extracts in all of their products to get a good cleaning without risking introducing crazy chemicals into your home.

So why do I love this stuff? I was a bit concerned about whether the product would clean well, but they did a fantastic job. I actually threw the dishwasher clean around the dishwasher as I began wiping down the counters.

The process left me wondering — why do we need harsh chemicals at all?

I also like the packages and bundles they have, which came with a bit of a discount. You can buy a bundle of whatever you might need and, in a few days, it’s on your porch. If you check them out now, you’ll see that they have 15% off your first order.

Unless, of course, you’re in Texas, then check them out at your nearest store.

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