Outlier Air V3 Earbuds Review

This is a rather good-looking set of earbuds that have a sound quality to match. How is that for an intro?

First of all, the looks. Between the light-up buds and the case, it really does look like a sleek unit. The case itself gives me memories of those old slide-out Zippo lighters or Pez dispensers. It just feels rather cool to slide out. And personally, I love how they hug up to the ear and light up when they’re on. The case itself is also Qi charging capable which is a really nice feature that a lot of earbuds don’t seem to have.

As for sound quality, these are so good at noise cancellation I found that they held up neck and neck with the Airpod pros. It was getting rather debatable which one was better or worse. In fact, when I popped them in my husband’s ears, he couldn’t tell the difference.

Combine that with the fact that these are Super SXFI ready. They have an overall sound quality that really is rather the top of the line. I’m not an audiophile expert, but I’m a mom who loves to listen to music and drown out the kids. This accomplishes both of those goals rather effectively.

Overall, at their price point, they really are a rather good choice, especially with this noise cancellation. They’re a great option and at this price point a rather easy decision.

They’re on sale at Creative right now.