Did you know you can order live Dungeness Crab?

What you see in this photo are two Dungeness crabs. They were once alive, and now they’re in my belly.  In the middle stage, they were covered in a lovely pasta sauce.

I never knew this was possible, but you can actually get crabs shipped right to your door. Like, live, moving crabs.  Maybe I’m not clear about this situation.  These crabs came straight to my door, frozen and moving. Get your head around that, moving crabs in a box.

This is such an amazing concept to me.  I mean, I knew you, of course, could buy live crabs, but this way, I can get crabs straight from Alaska right to my door.   In the time of covid, I don’t even have to leave my house.

Now, not only do they sell Dungeness crab, they sell Geoduck, which is the most unusual type of clam I’ve ever seen.

Of course, they tasted incredible, but how could fresh crabs taste anything but wonderful.

But to be honest, I priced these out compared to the local crab places, and to get them shipped to your door without the hassle of going to a restaurant during covid times, this is a dream.

Next time, I’ll probably be ordering a nice dinner for eight and have the kids go at it! Imagine this for Christmas dinner.

Check out Fathom Seafood if you’re interested in crabs for your own family.

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