OWYN Shakes – Perfect for the busy mom

A great snack that’s perfect for a busy mom’s schedule is the OWYN shakes and powders. True to its “Only What You Need” simple label, all of the shakes and powders are made from natural ingredients and have unique attributes that exceed the other competing brands on the market.

Former professional athletes, Jeff Mroz and Kathryn Moos, developed OWYN. Always conscience of the impact of nutrition on their bodies, they decided to move away from whey based proteins to plant based ones for better performance. The two worked with experts and nutritionists for four years to develop the line and launched it under Halen Brands this past year.

The OWYN Ready-to-Drink Shakes are available in 12-ounce recyclable bottles in Dark Chocolate, Smooth Vanilla and Cold Brew Coffee varieties for starting at just $2.99. The Ultimate Wellness Powders, which also contain chia, are available in 16-ounce recyclable tubs and are offered in Vanilla and Dark Chocolate varieties for $26.99.

These shakes make moms on the go feel healthy and full with all the great benefits they offer. OWYN products contain a total of 20 grams of protein from three natural seeds – pea, pumpkin and flax. They also contain organic greens (kale, spinach, broccoli), omega 3’s and fiber.

 All products are non-GMO verified, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and kosher containing only four grams of organic cane sugar and are free of carrageenan, sugar alcohols and stevia. Best of all? They taste great! You can find them here. https://liveowyn.com

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