Holy Moly I’m going to blow your coffee loving mind.  Are you as tired as I am of having to endure terrible coffee on the road/commute? Tired of spending money on expensive daily lattes because you can’t possibly match the quality at home yourself?!  I literally am my own barista now each morning with my Pakt Coffee Kit.  And it is so easy to pack up and travel with you can take it with you on road trips (its even airline carry on friendly).

Pakt has a few simple parts and steps to an amazing cup of “Joe”.  Fill the kettle and push the button to begin it’s heating.  Attach the dripper to the travel mug.  Add your filter and favorite ground coffee.  When the water’s desired temperature is reached pour it over the coffee (just enough to wet the grounds evenly) and then allow it to grow for 30 seconds or so.  All that is left to do at this point is pour in the rest of the water and allow to drain into the mug.  Then you just enjoy!  This coffee is legit so good; so perfectly strong and I actually couldn’t believe I made it by myself.

This is a great gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life!