Paleonola Granola has a Free Shipping Sale

With a name like Paleonola you can expect some ultra fancy, crazy hipster company but what makes this cool is this granola company produces granola right out of Rhode Island from the mill that’s over 100 years old.

With the Covid times, people have been more and more concerned about eating healthy and personally, I’m concerned when it comes to quality. These guys bring qualityTo another level. If you make something with good quality you can just taste it. One of my favorites here was the dark chocolate and sea salt. They also have an apple pie flavored that is insane on ice cream. So yes I was trying to eat healthy, but now I failed. If you’re really trying to eat healthy on the go, they have these granola bars that are great quick snacks and do not taste like typical granola bars. They are not all crunchy and dry but have a nice flavor to them. No oats, no grains so perfect for Keto.

But I admit, my favorite thing is that they’ve caught on to people working and living at home more so they have free shipping on anything over $49. Now is your chance to prepare breakfast for the next few months and have some healthy choices on the table for the kids.

Check out: Paleonola.