Games For A Rainy Day!

Lots of rain and weird summer storms where I am from so we are getting into some quality family game time over here.  Honestly; who am I kidding we’ve been doing that for months now but with rain now.  LOL.

I figured tell you this Sunday morning about two games we are really enjoying here.  And more to follow as we try them all out!

Today’s two come from Endless Games who has this great catalog of games to help you get through whatever this 2020 is.

First up: Camera Roll.  Ok so here is a game that requires all the fun selfies and pics you’ve been taking on your phone.  The goal; to show off your cute pic and match it to the subject card to earn a point.  Bonus points if you are first or if you match the topic/phrase/subject the best.  My daughter even had fun using the “search” cards to grab photobs from instagram and tik tok.  This is really fun and we laughed for quite some time about the silly pics in our phones that we just never deleted.  This game is about $20 and can be grabbed easily on Amazon.  Age appropriate for 12+.

Second up: The Korner’d Challenge.  Not this one you will love if you a puzzle person which my hubby really is!  You are basically matching the colors on the tiles to the patterns on the board.  It gets confusing and you really have to use your brain to meet the challenge.  Each tile can only fit in one location on the board.  It seems easy; but wait….maybe it’s not.  I really loved that the kids were working with him, brain waves were flowing and no one was binge watching television shows.  Also super cool is that you can actually play alone if solitaire is your preference.  This one is also $20 and the great part is that it works for 8+ so little guys, teens, mom, dad and grandma can all join in on the fun.  Please grab this fun game up!