Pasta Rummo Launches Nationally in Whole Foods

pasta rummo

Pasta Rummo, a renowned Italian pasta brand known for its certified “al dente” performance, has made its highly-anticipated national debut at Whole Foods Market this summer. With a rich history spanning 177 years, Pasta Rummo is now available to pasta enthusiasts across the United States.

Founded in 1846 by Antonio Rummo in the picturesque town of Benevento, Italy, Pasta Rummo has remained a family-run business for an impressive six generations. What sets this pasta brand apart is its unique pasta-making method called “Lenta Lavorazione,” meaning “slow crafted.” This meticulous process guarantees a perfect “al dente” texture, where the pasta offers a delightful resistance to the bite. In fact, Rummo holds the distinction of being the first pasta brand worldwide to have its “al dente” performance certified by a reputable third party, Bureau Veritas/385-003.

“At Rummo, we are deeply passionate about the quality of our pasta. With over 175 years of experience, tradition is at the core of our values. Yet, we are continuously striving for innovation to deliver an unparalleled product that surpasses all expectations,” shared Antonio Rummo, President of Rummo, USA.


Pasta Rummo’s classic varieties are meticulously crafted using the finest semolina sourced from high-protein durum wheat. The dough is kneaded gently over extended periods, enhancing elasticity. Subsequently, the pasta is extruded through bronze dies, resulting in a textured surface that optimizes sauce absorption. Each batch is then dried for a precise amount of time, tailored to the specific pasta shape and prevailing conditions. To ensure the desired firmness, a proprietary instrument called the Dynamometer is used to test the pasta.

In addition to its classic offerings, Pasta Rummo also caters to gluten-free consumers with a range of carefully crafted options. These gluten-free pastas are produced in a separate facility located in Novara, Italy, utilizing a specialized process that maintains the brand’s commitment to exceptional quality.

Nationwide Launch

Brooke Gil, Grocery Category Merchant at Whole Foods Market, expressed enthusiasm regarding the nationwide launch of Pasta Rummo. “We are continually seeking exceptional products to enrich our shelves, which is why we are thrilled to introduce Rummo products in our stores nationwide. The extensive range of premium pastas offered by Rummo exemplifies the meticulous attention and dedication that the Rummo family has invested in their time-honored production. The resulting flavor profiles and textures are a perfect complement to various sauces and toppings.”

Starting this month, Whole Foods Market stores will offer an impressive selection of 11 Pasta Rummo varieties, including exclusive options such as Shells and Mezzi Rigatoni, available only at Whole Foods Market until December. The diverse pasta shapes available for customers to enjoy include Linguine, Bucatini, Elbows, Penne Rigate, Lasagna, Cut Ziti, Gluten-Free Fusilli, Gluten-Free Penne Rigate, and Gluten-Free Spaghetti.

The nationwide launch of Pasta Rummo at Whole Foods Market brings an authentic taste of Italy to households across the United States. This allows pasta lovers to experience the renowned “al dente” sensation in the comfort of their own kitchens.