Patchology Skincare

Feel like treating yourself? Or do you know someone who is in urgent need of some relaxing downtime? Then have a look at the skincare products of Patchology!

With Patchology, you can quickly get the skincare ingredients that will make you feel and look better. They are delivered straight into your skin with Patchology’s innovative patch technology. This technology works faster and delivers better results than other application methods. Even if you’ve only got five minutes, Patchology will help you to slow down and have a relaxing and healing moment that will make you glow!

image of packaged Patchology products

Patchology offers all kinds of different products, for all types of occasions.

The Holiday Spirits Kit is perfect to get you into the holiday mood with some chilled bubble-infused eye gels. The Current Mood Kits are there for you whether you are a bit down, happy, or just need a little perk-me-up. These eye gels are infused with essential oils of flowers to get you some aromatherapy. And then you have The Perfect Christmas Gift: the Wish List Kit, which is filled with head-to-toe skincare essentials, from eye gels to softening foot masks. Get this awesome kit on your Holiday list!

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