Bombora – Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices

Do you love the water? Paddleboarding, canoeing, rafting, sailing…are these sports calling you? Being on the water is incredible, it is the best thing about summer. But we do need to be careful, especially with children. The Bombora inflatable life vests are not like your standard bulky flotation devices. These fit like a fanny pack and never get in the way of your movements. When you need them, you simply pull on the tab. The belt then inflates into a flotation bag (Wanderer belt) or a full life jacket (Adventurer belt)!


We love that you can reuse these Bombora flotation devices to your heart’s content! Simply screw on a new CO2 cartridge on the side of your belt and you’re ready! You can get a new CO2 rearming kit for $25 from their website.

These belts look stylish, do not get in the way, and keep your vacation photos instagrammable! Did we mention they are US Coast Guard-approved? These belts are rigorously tested, so you know you can rely on them. The belts come in a lot of different styles, so we are sure you will find one that fits you just right!

And for those under the age of 16, Bombora has a line of Kids Life Vests. They even thought of our trusty companions with their Dog Life Vests.

A great gift for any water lover out there! Get them one of the bundles. Bombora has some for families (2 adults and 2 kids), for adventurers (2 adults and 2 recharges), and for dog lovers (1 adult and 1 dog).

You can even find them on Amazon!