Path Water

I have absolutely plugged Path Water in the past.  This is still/sparkling and alkaline water options that have revolutionized the gross overuse of plastic single use water bottles.  Path Water Company Owners realized that by the year 2050 there will actually be more plastic in our waters than actual fish.  Each one of us drinks an alarming amount of single use water bottles (about 160 each one of us) and this means we have to change how these bottles are made and how much disposable we go through RIGHT AWAY!

These bottles are refillable, lightweight aluminum and are BPA free, recyclable and made right here in the USA.  I love their still water (purified water with electrolytes added for taste).  The sparkling option is heavenly and of course the alkaline is great for during/after a workout.

Now I want to show you their Holiday Limited Edition Bottles = so super cute! They will instantly have you in the holiday spirit (the bottle has simply adorable holiday trees and gifts on them; you will want to use them all season long).   For each bottle purchased 10 cents will be donated to Operation BBQ Relief.  The water is ultra purified with added electrolytes.  the pH is 7.5.  Once again they are 100 percent recyclable, BPA free and certified refillable.