Review: Bliss Soap

Who doesn’t love a new soap product?!?  This girl does!  I was thrilled to put the great products from Bliss Soap to the test this week in my home.

These are handcrafted soaps that are so soft and velvety.  They do not leave your skin dry AT ALL.  I have very sensitive skin and always worry about trying something new.  These products were a perfect fit.  Here are a few of my favorites:

LotionSoap ($10):  with all these scary germs these days I feel like we are constantly washing our hands.  It contains glycerin, lecithin and coconut oil.  It has this amazing lemon scent that you will adore!  I think this is actually my new favorite soap.  I smell this wonderful scent on my hands for a long time afterward.

Oat Milk Honey Bar ($10):  oats are very soothing on your skin.  This soap is made with fresh oat milk, local honey and ground oats.  The smell is amazing.   I love a soap/product that is made with responsibly sourced ingredients, made in small batches and made right here in the USA.

Face Oil ($20):  Keep It Stupid Simple Face Serum is made with only four ingredients (Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and Fragrance).  All you need is a few small drops and I like to use this product at night.  I feel like it replenishes my dry skin while I get some beauty sleep.  It does NOT clog your pores like other oil products.  This is a perfect winter month option!

Check out their website; so many great products to kick start your holiday shopping!