PCH Hoodie from California Cowboy

I love writing about unique products because it really does make it much easier to cover.  This clothing is unique.  To be honest, to do a few hundred words on any one product can be a challenge.  California Cowboy makes a sweater that certainly is more unique than most clothing that I’ve seen lately. What you see the photo is from the Pacific Coast Highway collection, otherwise known as the PCH collection.


To start off with, this one sweater is quite a bit heavier than you think. Officially speaking, it’s heavyweight French terry coming in at 465 g. If it’s a cold winter night, this thing will keep you quite a bit warmer than just a regular sweater.


Hidden along the sweater are a hidden pocket, a bottle pocket, and a dry pocket. I’m not sure what to do with a dry pocket, but it’s dry.


All along the literature, it describes it as “road trip ready.” Between the pockets and especially it’s extra thick quality, this is the kind of sweater that can get you through quite a few cold nights along the Pacific Coast Highway.


I’m not planning on going on the Pacific Coast Highway anytime soon, nor am I planning on going on a road trip but fall is coming up, and I don’t plan on being cold. This is that sweater that can get you through quite a few brisk autumn nights.


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