Love And XO Julia – Teen Subscription Boxes

So I have been showing you for over a year now the amazing subscription boxes out there for pretty much any interest you may have.  I now have a great one to show you for your teenager.

Love and xo Julia is a great box full of anything and everything your teen may need to get through what is happening to them like pimples, periods and more.  These boxes make these scary unknown issues more fun and a really positive learning experience!  Your teen can absolutely be more “comfortable in their own skin”.  And as the mom of a teenage girl, I am THRILLED to have been told about this great product!  They do offer a box geared specifically toward your ladies first period and this adorable birthday box (cannot wait to grab this one up for my girlies next special day) as well.

For about $35 a month (less if you sign up for 3 months/6 months ahead of time) you get this amazing “XO Insider” box that has 4-6 great products selected just for your teen.  Everything is cruelty free and made with clean ingredients.  I think this is a great gift for upcoming holidays, birthdays etc.  You basically will be the gift that keeps on giving!  How cool is that! We received their awesome July box called “nailed it” which contained  super cute colors, a great shiny top coat, a clean up brush to fix your mistakes, nail polish remover pads a great ring to pop on to show off your fresh new nails and a cute code to keep your rings in a safe place.  Everything you need to do your next manicure at home which is kind of perfect right now!

Check them out!  I just ordered for my daughter and cannot wait to see what next month brings!