Pediped Footwear System for Babies and Kids

One thing that has always been able to get me to melt has been baby shoes.  They just seem to have a way of turning any adult into a puddle of cooing mush.  The only downfall of a lot of those adorable baby shoes is that they lack functionality.  Pediped shoes provide that functionality and support without losing any of the “awww factor.”  As babies grow and learn to walk, it is best for them to barefoot.  Pediped takes great pride in being “the next best thing to bare feet.”  Their shoes are flexible from all angles, and are soft so as to provide baby’s foot an experience as close to being barefooted as possible.  The shoes are made with leather soles, and are durable.  They are well made and they have styles for all needs- from everyday to special occasions.

Pediped footwear system has 3 stages to meet your child’s healthy development, from infancy up to Youth size 6.  Each stage has footwear designed to meet the growth needs of your child’s development physically and to support them learning to walk and run safely and comfortably.  Pediped Originals is for sizes 0-18 months; Grip-n-Go is for toddlers sizes 4-7; and Flex is for sizes kids 5 through 6 youths.  The shoes are designed to help your child transition easily from one stage to the next as they go from learning to walk to running with ease.

Pediped has an easy to navigate website for finding and ordering shoes for your child.  The company also is heavily invested in being a part of supporting communities and does a lot to provide shoes, volunteer hours, and monetary support for kids in need.  It was impressive to read about all of the ways they give back, especially in the current times of uncertainty.  Between their commitment to corporate social responsibility and the obvious dedication and care they take in making sure their workmanship and superior products, Pediped is an obvious choice for your child’s feet.

You can sign up for their mailing list for 15% off your first order, and they ship throughout the US and internationally.  They have a Pedipeds Rewards program to earn 5% back on each purchase, and they also have a Semi Annual Sale for additional ways to save.  Learn more and order a pair at

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