Prank Boxes for Summer Fun

Wanna have some fun this summer? I mean…we certainly deserve it!  I know if you are like me, we as families are starting to venture out and see our loved ones in the safest manner possible.  We are heading to barbecues, graduation parties, birthdays, delayed religious celebrations, etc.  How about gifts?!? Of course, we are bringing them, and wouldn’t it be fun to wrap them up in a super funny conversation piece?  If you have a sense of humor like me, check out Prank Boxes from Prank-O for the win!

Imagine a box that your gift receiver opens and thinks what they receive is what is displayed on the box.  Then…just kidding, it’s really something else!
These are truly genius and have so many funny options.  Imagine heading to a baby shower with a beautiful blanket you knitted and you stick it in a box that says “Birthie Stick” so your cousin thinks you actually bought them a selfie stick that captures your birth!  Bahahaha!

I am heading to a party today and bringing them a nice new picture frame.  But they will for sure think I gave them a “NapSack” sleep hood.  I hope I don’t ruin this by cracking up!  Waiting in the wings for my next lucky “victim” is a box with “Cargo Socks.”

These are just the humor the doctor ordered during this pandemic.  They are affordable ranging around $5-8.  Check them out and stock up so you have them on hand!