Pelican Pro Gear Phone Case

After my second mishap in one year with my iPhone, I am thrilled to try out the wonderful phone protector by Pelican Pro Gear.  This case is “guaranteed for life” and it should be as it is tested through Military specifics and put up against multiple drops.  Your phone is protected by super impressive TPR rubber lining.  I am so amazed by how strong the case is while not being heavy at all.  It’s really no different a feel than other cases I’ve tried, however with this case I know that I am truly in the best hands.  This case is available in an array of colors (indigo/green, orange/grey, black/white, black/blue, light blue/lime green and pink/grey) and retails for around $40.00 which I find truly reasonable for this lifetime protection.  These cases are also available for other types of phones like Samsung Galaxy as well as various tablets.  The case was so easy to install and provides coverage for all sides as well as over the edge of the screen.  Pelican Pro Gear also has a wonderfully rugged selection of backpacks, coolers, luggage, cases etc; please check them out by visiting  I am so happy to be starting the New Year with a strong and sound phone case!

pelican phone case

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