Style Rx Pill Case

style Rx pill boxI have a great solution for someone who takes medication, vitamins etc during the day and doesn’t want to lug around an ugly eye-sore case or the pill bottles!  I sometimes forget to take my medications simply because I do not want the bottle out on my desk at work and my new “Style Rx” pill case from Inspired by Dawn has given me my answer!  These stylish cases can be left on your desk at work (no one will know what it is!), on your counter at home as a reminder (it’s actually decorative!).  My mom commented she could even have it out on the table in a restaurant so she remembered to take her dosage with her meal.  I love how light weight it is while still being so durable.  The canvas can be easily wiped clean in the case of an “in your purse” mishap as I sometimes have.  The daily pill boxes are super deep to hold as much as you need it to (up to 20 ibuprofen a day if needed).  The magnetic closure is super strong so nothing is opening up in your bag.  Each case costs about $34.00 (no worries the pill-box refill can also be purchased for $4.00 if you need another).  I have the “La Fleur” pattern (pretty white and navy floral).  I truly love this innovative product!  For more information and to make a purchase please visit

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